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Continued success is not assured in these dynamic markets, however. All face challenges and risks in the future to their reputations in the face of increasing competition, evolving regulations, and wide spread public scrutiny.

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Our clients include many local and international leading companies that are start-ups, middle-sized organizations as well as more than ten Fortune 500 companies.

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Stronger collaboration is successful in situations where personal links are established and a common sense of purpose.

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“The pace of change or ‘churn’ in Chinese and Asian markets creates challenges for all companies. Reputations rise and fall by how well companies adapt their business processes and communications to local market demands.”

“North Head’s most important objective is to provide our clients with valuable advice regarding their public affairs and government relations work. Our advice is always based on in-depth research and understanding of the policy environment. This is what sets North Head apart from its competitors.”

“Our business is all about people. North Head has been lucky, being able to retain many of the best talents in town, and our colleagues are at the front lines of providing high-quality advice. The team at North Head has been recognized by our clients, business partners, such as government organizations and media, as well as our peers in the communications industry.”

John Russell

Managing Director

Robert Magyar

Senior Executive Director

Hong Ma

Executive Director