Pulp and Paper

As a core industry of the national economy, the pulp and paper industry is an important supplier for various industries across the economic spectrum and is an irreplaceable piece of the industry chain. However, non-symmetrical to its position in the industry, public awareness of the pulp and paper industry’s social and economic contributions remains quite low. In addition to economic factors such as domestic or external demand, the development of Chinese pulp and paper companies face many restrictions and challenges, including green barriers to the export market, public misunderstandings about the modern papermaking industry in terms of environmental friendliness, and the influence of environmental NGOs in guiding public discourse.

With over seven years of experience, North Head believes that with the media’s rekindled interest in the pulp and paper industry, reshaping the image of the industry and leading the transformation of the Chinese pulp and paper industry is both the obligation of companies and the most important way for companies to stand out among competitors. At the same time, companies should find tactful ways to respond to green barriers set up by developed markets, establish alliances with other Asian markets to provide an Asian-centric industry voice and balance with the West to influence prevailing industry practices.