Industrial and Manufacturing

For industrial and manufacturing companies, the days of silent production may be long gone. In recent years, industrial and manufacturing companies have found themselves having to establish a presence on social media to build exposure and attract media interest for effective B2B outreach. Industrial and manufacturing companies are intimately linked with the economic and social development of China and must deal with issues related to government policies, industry standards, industrial restructuring, land usage, environmental protection, labor relations and community relations. As a result of this wide range of issues, resource and policy sensitive companies can easily run into trouble or trigger crises.

North Head supports companies meet business targets by creating a focused communications strategy to connect with the government, industry associations, media, key customers and other key stakeholders. We also help companies establish comprehensive communications, brand protection and crisis management systems to identify and engage crises as they emerge. We monitor government policies as they come out and gauge the pulse of public discourse to allow brands to lead business development.