With an increasing emphasis on grain security and food safety, the development of China’s agricultural sector is arguably affected by the macro-environment more than any other industry. Grain security, genetically modified crops and land reform are no longer just topics isolated to industry circles, but are becoming major public policy issues and receive strong attention from the public. As a result, industry development trends are strongly affected by government policies and cannot escape the constraints of public opinion. For agricultural companies, especially multinational agricultural companies, a comprehensive understanding of the complex and rapidly changing market and adjusting accordingly to these changes is essential for long-term, stable development in China.

Facing China’s complex, rapidly changing and competitive agricultural sector, North Head believes that in order to create solid footing in the market and achieve long-term success, agricultural companies must establish an accurate position in the industry and control key influencers relevant to business development. From understanding government policy trends to mapping out stakeholder interests, helping companies establish a strategic market position and analyzing specific issues, North Head can assist agricultural clients better navigate the rapidly changing Chinese market and stand out from the competition.