In rapidly evolving economies such as China, the regulatory and policy environment can often be difficult to read. Understanding political trends and government objectives is essential to formulating effective business strategy. To achieve that, companies need to monitor, understand and analyze market and competitive trends, policy and regulatory developments and those stakeholders that contribute to, or significantly influence, government decision-making and market trends. In many instances, public affairs activities complement and accentuate government relations programs.
North Head enhances our clients’ abilities to engage decision-makers, and influential stakeholders that affect business operations and market trends. This includes services to foresee and assess strategic responses for emerging reputational challenges. Building productive partnerships with influencers, such as trade and professional associations, academic and research institutions and civil society groups. Such partnerships are for increasing impact or as multipliers. These services enable our clients to timely recognize opportunities in the political arena, navigate successfully market changes, and lower political and regulatory risk.

Case Study
Regulation Monitoring and Policy Analysis for a Manufacturing Company

North Head helped this Fortune 100 U.S. headquartered advanced manufacturing company meet the needs of senior executives and business units for high quality briefs of public policy, regulatory and market trends in China. Also we provided strategic counsel for its government outreach efforts.


Company operations span across a wide range of sectors from transportation to construction too electronics, covering numerous geographical areas. Many of these sectors are heavily regulated and developing quickly, creating a large degree of regulatory and market churn. Due to a demanding meeting and travel schedule, the in-house Government Relations team had little time to monitor and prepare briefing documents of market developments.


After two years of ongoing cooperation, the company’s China Government Relations team has been able to ensure that senior executives and business unit heads are kept abreast of important political developments potentially impacting business. This has empowered executives to make better business decisions, and optimize interactions with government stakeholders. The expanded, high-quality offerings have enhanced the China Government Relations team’s reputation within the company, both in China and globally.