Our Main Services


Strategic Communication
North Head designs strategic communications programs to provide ways for businesses to respond to business needs and market opportunities, including for building and sustaining reputation. Often based on a campaign approach to achieve defined business or issue objectives, it entails coherent messaging delivered across various channels and relevant partnerships, marshalling third-party advocacy, usually including traditional and social media. Activities are based on rigorous research, planning and then effective implementation to achieve long-term impact. Strategic communications are ingrained into the North Head DNA for our services to clients.
Public Affairs
North Head enhances our clients’ abilities to engage decision-makers, and influential stakeholders that affect business operations and market trends. This includes services to foresee and assess strategic responses for emerging reputational challenges. Building productive partnerships with influencers, such as trade and professional associations, academic and research institutions and civil society groups. Such partnerships are for increasing impact or as multipliers. These services enable our clients to timely recognize opportunities in the political arena, navigate successfully market changes, and lower political and regulatory risk.
Government Relations
North Head builds effective outreach and engagement with government organizations at central and local levels. This is the foundation on which determines the client’s ability to build effective advocacy. It is useful for deriving and then capitalizing upon opportunities from a supportive regulatory environment. Efficient government relations are also necessary for resolving priority operational issues and for minimizing the negative impact of any crisis that may arise.
Crisis training and crisis management
No organization is immune from crisis. Crises are a testing time for management and corporate reputations. Timely, judicious decision-making and communications are critical to ensuring employees, customers and external stakeholders retain confidence in an organization and its products or services. North Head provides a suite of services which assist clients with counsel and support to ensure they are adequately prepared, able to respond effectively and weather the crisis towards an optimal outcome, or even enhance their reputations. Lastly we build crisis recovery programs.
With the largest online community in the world, China has a vibrant digital market place, it is forging ahead as a global leader in e-commerce, big data, payment services and the sharing economy.North Head Digital incorporates latest communications technologies and design for integrating seamlessly digital platforms and channels into strategic communications and public affairs campaigns.This entails all aspects, including formulating strategies, online and offline services, design and production of films, animations and infographics.