On 3 December 2015, North Head was honoured in front of clients, friends, and peers from the communications industry at the Gold Standard Awards gala in Hong Kong with the Specialist Consultancy of the Year award.

This award identifies corporate public affairs, public relations, and communications excellence by a consultancy practice or specialist agency in the Asia Pacific region, who delivers high-quality service in the areas of corporate communications, corporate public relations, or public affairs.
Having been selected as winner for the same category in 2013, this is the second time that North Head has been recognised with this award.
We are very proud of this achievement and would like to thank our clients, colleagues, and friends for their support!
You can find all the winners of the Gold Standard awards by PublicAffairsAsia here.

Over the past two years, North Head has run campaigns across Asia to raise environment management standards for key resource products and to addressing endemic poverty in rural areas of developing countries. 2015 has witnessed a number of successful milestones that have reinforced North Head’s unique, specialist position for a consultancy in Asia and for moving the needle on sustainability and poverty alleviation in the region.
An integrated approach to communications services with a focus on quality and excellence, coupled with a balanced portfolio of Asian and MNC clients, has been North Head’s formula for success. During the past year, NH has grown its client portfolio by approximately 35 percent and the number of its employees by 25 percent. Revenue continues to grow strongly in 2015 as it has done in previous years.
Working with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), based in Geneva, and assisting industry players such as Asia Pulp and Paper, NH has advocated for the introduction of sustainability certification in a series of countries including India, Vietnam, and the Philippines. At the same time, working with the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, an alliance of business and NGO interests coalesced by NH advocated for APEC to address the pressing issue of poverty alleviation in rural areas. As a consequence, the Philippines has moved to start development of its national forest certification scheme, facilitated by a series of stakeholder meetings, workshops, and media activities arranged by NH. These were able to demonstrate the case for higher standards and connect relevant stakeholders.
In Vietnam, NH conducted a series of high-level meetings on behalf of PEFC that addressed structural hurdles to higher sustainability standards and compliance. As a result, in early 2015, the government appointed the Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences as the national governing body for forest certification. This will ensure unified and less costly certification for farmers and businesses in Vietnam, allowing small and middle size enterprises to keep more of their hard-earned profits and to invest back into the development of the industry. It also supports PEFC’s expansion in the Asian region.
For two years, NH has been running a campaign to shine a light on APEC’s “forgotten one billion” poor. This has seen an official Trade Policy Dialogue on Rural Development conducted at the APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting in Cebu to address poverty alleviation, co- sponsored by China, Peru, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. NH assisted in the organization of the dialogue. A coalition of NGOs and business organizations supported by NH will also participate in activities related to rural development in 2016 hosted by Peru, the next APEC host economy.

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